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Tuesday July 28th - Saturday August 1st
Total Distance travelled:
23,964 km from Lawra
Mananga (Swaziland/S A Border) - Komatipoort - Crocodile Bridge (Kruger) - Lower Sabie - Satara - Olifants - Letaba - Tsendze - Punda Maria - (Pafuri Gate) to Musina - Beitbridge (Zimbabwe Border)

Location - South Africa

After a brief but very good visit to Swaziland we left for Kruger at 09.00am with an easy day ahead of us. We stopped for coffee and supplies at the busy little town of Komatipoort before arriving at the Crocodile Bridge Camp in Kruger. With the only camping spot available by the main gate entrance it was too busy, too noisy and we were kept awake until the early hours by the noise of sugar cane harvesting just outside the park perimeter!

Day 2 - Satara Camp with lots of game viewing en route - plenty of giraffe, hippo, buffalo, nyala, impala and the occasional elephant. This camp was much better and quieter.

Day 3 - Morning Coffee break at Olifants Rest Camp brought our first sight of lion, albeit in the distance. This camp is situated high on a hill overlooking the river and has a stunning view. That morning lion had made an impala kill and hidden the carcass under a bush near the river. Whilst we were watching, a herd of elephant went down to the river bank to drink at the same time as the 4 lions were returning to their kill. The elephant sensed the lions presence and were having none of it! Matriarch, with trunk aloft headed off in the lions direction followed closely by another female and two babies. Much trumpeting ensued and the elephants charged at the lions who beat a very hasty retreat. Elephant continued on their way and lion began to return but too soon! Matriarch turned swiftly and chased them off into the bush for a second time. By this time we had to be on our way and so wonder if the lions were ever able to finish off their breakfast in peace.
Tsendze Rustic Camp was the destination for our 3rd night's stop, just south of Mopani Rest Camp. No electricity but a wonderfully clean ablution block with piping hot water (gas) and solar powered lighting. At night, the whole sky was ablaze with stars. We slept exceptionally well that night.

Day 4 - Slowly worked our way up to Punde Maria for our last night's stop - still camping even though today was our 37th Wedding Anniversary!! and booked an evening game drive. This (and a meal in the restaurant aferwards) we shared with Leila and Tony from Amsterdam.

Goliath Heron

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Kruger - Crocodile Bridge Entrance