Good bye Ghana
Now is the time to say good bye (Ghana)
Now is the time to yield a sigh (sad to leave)
Now is the time to wend our way (trans-africa)
Until we meet again, some sunny day!

Yes departure time arrived - Wednesday March 18th - 2009 and we said farewell to our good friends in Ghana after two very good years as volunteers, in Lawra in the Upper West Region, with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas).

The Long Way Round (see 'Our Route')
We know we are going 'a long way round' but there are places we wish to re-visit and with a bit of serendipity we might just be able to visit some places we thought that we might never visit. Watch these pages and we will keep you posted.

Recording our progress and keeping you informed.
We will be posting a record of our travels country by country; thus when we arrive in a new country we will upload details of the previous one - if and when we can get to an Internet Cafe, or a VSO office.


We are looking forward to meeting our Family and Friends again.

It won't be too long guys and gals - we miss you a lot. Keep looking on the bright side of life, and of course, 'don't do anything we wouldn't do' - plenty of scope there then!

We will do our best to keep you up to date with our travels via this web site -
and it will be good to hear from you all from time to time as we progress.

Mixed feelings of both apprehension and excitement creeping up on us now; nevertheless.....

Here's to a bon voyage.

We are Heading Home! Our flights are booked
We will be flying from Blantyre and arriving in Manchester on Thursday September 24th.