Born 1896 - Frances Annie Jones - Mother of Ken Horrocks

Below are the Key Records used to trace the lineage of Frances Annie Jones:

1766c   David Thomas was born (in Ruthin - 1766c). David was Joseph Thomas's father (born in Ruthin 1811). Joseph's daughter Mary married William Jones in 1869. William Jones's son John Jones married Alice Brown (1894), their daughter was Frances Annie Jones who married (1919) Frank Horrocks. Ken Horrocks' father.
Joseph Thomas born in Ruthin - father of Mary Thomas, who married William Jones (Frances Annie Jones' Grandfather)
John Jones born in Ince, Cheshire
1840 Marriage Certificate Joseph Thomas married Margaret Thomas (nee Griffiths) at St Meugan's Church, Llanrhydd, Ruthin
1841 Census Joseph Thomas (30) is shown to be living at Llanfair St, Ruthin - with his wife Margaret (20), his Father, David (75) and young David 3 months
1845   Mary Thomas born to Joseph and Margaret Thomas in Rhosllanerchgrugog registration district, near Wrexham, Denbighshire
William Jones born to John Jones and Margaret
1851 Census The Census shows John Jones(29) an agricultural labourer, and wife Margaret (24) resident at Church House, Ince; along with Elizabeth (6), Anne (5), William (1) and Margaret (under 1). John Jones was born in Thornton, Cheshire, Margaret in Ince, and Elizabeth in Birkenhead.
1851 Census The Census shows Mary Thomas (7) with her father Joseph Thomas (40 -Tailor) his wife Margaret (30), their daughter Hanah? (11), son David (10), son John (4) and a visitor Edward Hughes (Blacksmith) all resident at Moreton Above, Penrhos, (near Rhosllanerchgrugog). Joseph, the father, and his son David are both shown to be born in Ruthin. The remainder of the family were born in Wrexham.
1861 Census The Census shows John and Margaret Jones resident in Ince Village - young William (12) is an agricultural labourer.
1861 Census The Census shows Mary Thomas (17) with her father Joseph Thomas (48 -Tailor) his wife Margaret (42) - a slight age discrepancy? John 15, with the addition of Joseph (8), Ann (3) and Margaret 3 Months. Still resident at Penrhos

William Jones (20) and Mary Jones (24) (nee Thomas) (b 1845) Married at Ince, St James, Cheshire West. The marriage certificate shows Mary Thomas' father to be called Joseph and to be a Tailor by profession

1871 Census William (22 - an Undergame keeper) and Mary (26)Jones and Margaret (9months) were resident at Ince Hall. The Census form shows Mary to have been born in Denbighshire (Rhosllanerchgrugog registration district) 
William and Mary Jones begat John Jones - born (Ince Cheshire)
1881 Census 1
2 Pages

Page 1 shows - William Jones (31) Labourer and wife Mary Jones (nee Thomas)(35) - born in Rhosllanerchgrugog, Denbighshire, Margaret Jones (11),were all resident at the Cottage Ince, the grounds of Ince Hall Cheshire. The census form shows Mary to have been born in Denbighshire.

1881 Page 2 Page 2 Shows - Joseph (8), John (6), Mary (4), Hannah (1)
1891 Census William (40), Mary (43), Margaret (20), Joseph (18), John (16), Hannah (16?) and a new William (3) were all living at Chester Road Ince. Joseph and John both worked on the Manchester Ship Canal: Joseph as a labourer and John as a Stoker on a locomotive. They also had two Ship Canal Engine drivers lodging with them.
John Jones (William's son) married Alice Jones (nee Brown)
1896 Census Frances Elizabeth (Annie) Jones born to John Jones and Alice Jones in Salford.
In 1901 Census: John Jones (26) Steam Crane Driver - born Ince, Cheshire, Alice Jones (31) born in Poplar London, resident at 12 Landseeer St, Salford with children William A? aged 6, Frances E. aged 4, Constance aged 2 and also resident was John's father William Jones (54) a dock labourer born in Ince, Cheshire. William is a widower - so Mary died between the 1881 - 1901 Censuses
John (34) and Alice Jones (41) still at 12 Landseer St, with William (16) a Grocer's assistant, Frances (14) a Weaver's helper, Constance (12), Edith (10), Nora (6) and Ada (4).
1919   Frances (Annie) Jones married Frank Horrocks. Marriage certificate also stated that John Jones (Annie's father) was a foreman Steam Crane driver at the Docks.
1920   Kenneth Horrocks born to Annie and Frank  
Kenneth Horrocks died.

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